About the inscenation

Abandoned by her parents when she was young with the promise that they would return for her one day, Annie’s life is complicated by her evil foster mother, Miss Hannigan. When, however, under very transparent circumstances, Mr. Warbucks, a determined businessman and candidate for mayor of New York City, decides to take Annie in on the recommendation of his brilliant personal assistant, Grace Farrell, it is a move that will change her entire life. Warbucks is convinced that he is Annie’s salvation, but given Annie’s confident and always optimistic nature, it’s quite possible that the exact opposite will be true.

The musical is suitable for primary school children and primary school pupils. Length: 60 min (the performance is without intermission)

Length of the performance
1 hours 0 minutes
Without pause


Sunday 4. 2. 2024 15:00
For Schools
Monday 5. 2. 2024 9:00
For Schools