Jan Révai

Jan Revai

He graduated as a car mechanic, but he has been dancing since childhood. He worked in the dance group UNO under the lead of Richard Hes and was a member of the group Children of Swing at the Karlín Musical Theatre.

After auditioning as a dancer in the musical Dracula, his career took off, not only in the theatre but also in the film industry. He subsequently played roles in several other musicals (Carmen, Cats, Hair, Joan of Arc, Grease, Romeo and Juliet), and from the 1990s he performed at the Pod Palmovkou Theatre. He has appeared also on the television screen in the series Family Ties and Very Fragile Relationships, and in films Gangster Ka, Lída Baar. Most recently, he played in film Banger. In 1999, he filmed Polojasno with Filip Renč, significant Czech director, who subsequently chose him for one of the main roles in the musical Rebels. That brought him to the peak of popularity. He is currently performing in the stage version of Rebelové in the Karlín Musical Theatre.