Do you plan to go to our theatre and hesitate what to wear? The standard recommendation when visiting theatres in Czechia is to wear the well known classics - formal dresses for the ladies and dark suits for the gentlemen. In general, nowadays you can not go wrong even with less formal clothes - formal trousers and a decent shirt for men and smart skirts/pants and a top for women. However, you should definitely avoid jeans, sneakers or sport clothes.

By choosing elegant clothes (as well as turning off your phone during the performance) you show respect to the artists and the historic, traditional building, but also to other visitors. But for us, it is still the most important that our visitors feel comfortable with us. We value each visitor, so in the case you have any trouble finding the dress classics mentioned above, you will certainly not be turned away from the theatre because of inappropriate clothing.

Do you have tickets for the Czech Cabaret Show? Underline the atmosphere of the evening in the style of creative black tie.