About the inscenation

A comedy about an adventure called parenthood, full of songs and situational humour. Roman Vojtek’s musical one-man show about all the pitfalls, challenges and joys that new parents experience.

This unique production full of optimism and energy is guaranteed to entertain, but also to move you a little.

Nowadays, there are manuals for everything and what you can’t find there, Google will tell you. But when a woman gets pregnant and hormones take over her mind, situations arise that even Google can’t handle. And what about when the little one is born, again, everyone has a lot of unsolicited advice that often contradicts itself and is guaranteed not to help in the moment. At that moment, the man finds himself in an extreme situation and is left to fend for himself, becoming the hero of everyday life.
Based on situations every parent has been through, this musical comedy looks at them with exaggeration and humour.

Roman Vojtek portrays dozens of characters in his life role, at times he is a grandmother from Wallachia, at times he is a singing sister Mila, but most often he is a newlywed father, a hero fighting against his worries.

Come and be entertained at a one-man show dedicated to fathers and mothers who have survived the pitfalls of six months.

Length of the performance
2 hours 0 minutes
Including pause