Oldřich Kříž


Born in Liberec, he studied singing at the State Conservatory (graduation in 1987). His baritone was so impressive that during his studies, he already was a soloist in the South Bohemian Theatre Opera in České Budějovice.

In 1994 he joined the Prague State Opera as a soloist. After his first significant success in the role of Poeta in Rossini's The Turk in Italy, he shone in many other significant roles (Figaro, Taddeo, Guglielmo, Ping, Sharpless, Belcore, Valentin, Dr. Falke, Germont and William in Glass's The Fall of the House of Usher). He also appeared at the National Theatre in Prague in the world premiere of E. Viklický's Mácha's Diary and in the Forman Brothers' production of P. Glass's Beauty and the Beast. He was a starred as a guest soloist in dozens of roles in theatres throughout the Czech Republic and abroad (Germany, Ireland, France). In 2005, he successfully entered the field of musical theatre as Sir Danvers Carew in the production of Jekkyl and Hyde at the Karlín Musical Theatre. In 2009, he created the role of Dean Christopher Lautner in the musical Hammer of the Witches at the Millennium Theatre. Other successful titles include Mamma Mia, Let the Spirits Live, The Producers, My Fair Lady, Zorro, Rocky, Iago, The Man with the Iron Mask, Three Peanuts for Cinderella, Evita, Love Actually and others. His many years of theatre experience also led him to become a successful opera and musical director. For the jubilee of W. A. Mozart, he presented Mozart's opera Apollo and Hyacinth (Czech premiere 2006 at the Estates Theatre) as his first work as a director. Another performances where he was a director: 2007 The Flying Dutchman - Liberec, 2008 The Brother from Batavia - Opava, 2009 Bohema - Pilsen, 2009 Sugar - Liberec, 2010 Nabucco - tour Germany, 2010 drama The Recorder - Prague, 2010 Bohema - České Budějovice, 2011 Drink of Love - Olomouc, 2011 Singing in the Rain - Liberec, 2012 Gioconda - Pilsen, 2012 Abduction from Serail - České Budějovice, 2013 She Loves Me - Liberec, 2015 Singing in the Rain - České Budějovice, 2016 Mamzelle Nitouche - Liberec, 2017 Rigoletto - Liberec, 2019 Orpheus in the Underworld - Olomouc, 2019 The Wonder Pot - Liberec, 2021 Looking for the Tenor - Liberec and 2022 Otello - Liberec. In the Hybernia Theatre, he started his career in the musical Zorro. Then he starred in the musicals Antoinette, The Phantom of London, Mary Poppins and Iago. Audiences may also know him from film and television, especially from fairy tales (Twelve Little Moons, How Not to Marry a Princess, The Secret of the Old Bambitka II and others).