About the inscenation

The history of the VIRSKY company dates back to 1937, when two prominent Ukrainian choreographers, Pavlo Virsky and Nikolai Bolotov, first put together a group of folk dancers. From 1955-1975 the company was led by Mr. Virsky, whose breathtaking and passionate choreographies astonished the dance world for many years.
In 1980, Virský’s pupil Miroslav Vantuch, an expert on folk traditions and ethnography, replaced Virský and continued his work as a creative genius, maintaining and developing folk choreography. The foreign press unanimously noted the high quality and professionalism that the Ukrainian national dance company VIRSKY has been demonstrating for many years. Over the years, the company has developed into an amazingly talented group of highly professional dancers that can now be seen all over the world. They have toured more than sixty countries around the world. They performed for audiences in Mexico, USA, Canada, Cuba, Venezuela, more than ten European countries, Vietnam, India, China, Brazil, Japan and others. With their first-class performance they surprise and delight the audience and tell the world about the beautiful country of Ukraine.
VIRSKY is a unique phenomenon in the history of Ukrainian culture. It is a national heritage, a personification of the strength, spirit and identity of the Ukrainian people.

Each number of the company is a true dance masterpiece: dynamic Ukrainian energy, colourful national costumes and dance movements that cannot be forgotten.

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