Kateřina Bohatová

Ktaeřina Bohatová

Actress and singer. She graduated from music and drama department of the Prague Conservatoryunder the guidance of Jana Preissová and Jaroslav Satoranský.

She performed the roles of Lisa Doolittle in My Fair Lady, Roxie Hart in Chicago, both Lina Lamont and Kathy Selden in Singin' in the Rain, Demeter in Cats, Millie Dilmount - Looking for a Man. Rich!, Anastasia Steelle - 50 Shades, Agnes - The Pied Piper, Theresa - If a Thousand Clarinettes, Winnifred - Lemonade Joe and many more. She also likes to occupy herself with dubbing. One of the most impressive achievements of her artistic career is Michal Horáček's lyric play Kudykam. As an extraordinary experience, she considers her performance in the world-famous Bernstein Mass (MASS). Currently, you can see her at the Kalich Theatre, Radek Brzobohatý Theatre, Palace Theatre, MANA Theatre in Vršovice and on concert stages with B-Side Band Brno, Vojta Dyk, Bára Poláková and Marie Rottrova. She also composes her own music.