About the inscenation

Fans of the iconic American rock band Guns N’ Roses can rejoice because they are about to experience a phenomenal musical experience. The best cover band, the Danish GN’R Tribute, will come to Prague and Brno. These musicians and especially the leading fans of the world-famous band can convince you that they are the real Guns N’ Roses!

There are several revival bands in the Czech Republic alone, but this Danish band was formed in 2013 and is celebrating success all over the world.

With their performance, the talented musicians pay tribute to the best rock band in the world, who released their debut album “Appetite for Destruction” in 1987;. It became the best-selling debut album in rock history with over 33 million albums sold worldwide.

“When we go on stage to pay tribute to the originals, you have no doubt that we really love the music! GN’R Tribute provides a completely authentic experience of Axl, Slash and the rest, and all the well-known classics are interpreted with love,” say the members of GN’R Tribute in unison.
Cult hits such as “Welcome To The Jungle”, “Paradise City” and “Sweet Child O’ Mine” are never missing from the concerts.

All classics are performed with artistry, passion, love and respect. So when you close your eyes, you have no doubt that you are right in Hollywood with the band members. GN’R fans aren’t shy about comparing GN’R Tribute to the original band in their glory days.

GN’R Tribute worked with Slash’s son, Cash Hudson, on the art used for the logo and merchandise, so the visuals of the concert are a huge treat.

It’s not for nothing that GN’R Tribute is said to be the best Guns N’ Roses Tribute band in Europe and you have the unique opportunity to experience them first hand on 28 November 2024 at the Hybernia Theatre in Prague and a day later at the Sono Music Club in Brno.

Pre-sale tickets are available at TicketPortal.cz.