About the inscenation

Into the Woods is an enchanting and fairytale musical that takes the audience to a magical forest where characters from various fairy tales meet. The plot follows the ridiculous, touching and adventurous journey they embark on as they try to fulfill their most secret wishes.
The story combines classic characters such as Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk and the Witch with new characters such as the baker and his wife. When they all find themselves in the woods, their life wishes begin to come true, but they quickly discover that they come with consequences. Into the Woods tells the story of the price we must pay to make our dreams come true, and how true happiness and harmony are found not only in the fairy tale world, but in our own hearts. Throughout their adventure, the characters must deal with danger, betrayal and magical twists, leading to unexpected turns and unresolved arguments.

With fairy tale music, enchanting dance scenes and deep emotions, Info the Woods is an engaging musical adventure that reminds us that even in the world of fairy tales, we have to deal with real problems and important decisions. This musical takes us into the heart of a fairy tale and shows us that everything has a price, and that the ending of a fairy tale may not always be happy, but it can teach us many valuable lessons.

Into the woods the musical will appeal to primary 1 and 2 children.

Length of the performance
1 hours 0 minutes
Without pause


Wednesday 4. 12. 2024 9:00
Dětské studio
For Families
For Schools
Wednesday 4. 12. 2024 11:00
Dětské studio
For Families
For Schools

Creatives and Cast



Karel Korsa
Linda Fikar Stránská
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Musical staging
Barbora Waschinger Tomková
Karel Korsa