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Thanks to her unusual and lively appearance, unique voice colour and five-octave vocal range, Nargiz’s concerts are very popular, especially among fans of ethno and rock music.

Nargiz was born in Tashkent into a musical family. Both her parents played in famous bands and her grandfather was an opera singer. It so happened that Nargiz Zakirova first appeared on stage when she was four years old, and she recorded her first play “Помни меня” when she was only fifteen years old. In 1995, she emigrated to the United States with her family, where she released the album “Золотая Клетка” in 2001 and participated in the American X-Factor in 2013.
In the former Soviet Union, the singer became famous after participating in the TV show The Voice. Since April 2014, Nargiz has been collaborating with producer and composer Maksim Fadeev, performing rock and folk-rock music.
Already two years after his debut solo single, Nargiz’s long-awaited album “Вдвоём” was released on October 7, 2016 and reached the top of the iTunes chart within hours. The album contains songs that became unconditional hits and occupied the top positions of the charts: “Я не твоя война”, “Ты – моя нежность”, “Я не верю тебе”, “Беги”. The album also included Nargiz and Maxim Fadeyev’s song “Вдвоём”, which is one of the most important songs for the singer. The song hasn’t left her fans unconcerned and the video has already gained more than 325 million views on YouTube.
Singer Nargiz Zakirova is banned from entering Russia for 50 years from 2022 – until 2072 – because of a publication in which the singer condemned Russia’s “military special operation” in Ukraine.
Don’t miss the Nargiz’s concert in Prague which is taking place at November 19, 2023.
The concert starts at 20:00, doors are opened from 19:00.

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