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When I was nervous, I took the ball and went to kick. I knew I couldn’t change things around me, but I could change myself. If Messi did it, I can do it too. You can’t give up. You have to have a dream. And hold on. Every ball you kick goes somewhere. You can’t catch a penalty, you can only kick it wrong. Everybody can be the best at something.

A lot of little boys all over the world want to be Lionel Messi. He’s their king, their unrivalled idol. All the boys in Africa are Lionel Messi if they’re not Ronaldo. What can you make a ball out of? And what can you do with a ball? How many globes can be spun on one foot?

When football and art meet, it’s freestyle. If you learn it with a ball, you learn it with people. And if you fail? You try it again and again and again until it finally works.

World freestyle football champion Daniel Prazak meets DJ and musician Badfocus on stage to tell a story of determination, will and the desire to follow your dream. Directed by Petr Bohac and Miřenka Čechová, they return to the form of multi-genre performance that has won awards such as Best of in the Washington Post and Fringe First Award in the past. Their performances have been seen from Stockholm to Johannesburg, from New York to Shanghai.

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Length of the performance
1 hours 0 minutes
Without pause

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