About the inscenation

This year’s guest performances will include Bára Basiková, Lenny, Vesna, the vocal group Skety and others. Some of these guests will also sit on the jury that will choose the winner.

The international singing festival Bon Art Junior Fest gives young singing talents of 10-16 years old a unique chance to show what they can do. Participants will be selected from the applicants from the Czech Republic to compete against singers from other countries in the grand final in Prague’s Hybernia. Accompanied by the Bon Art Pops Orchestra, a women’s symphony orchestra, they will sing a solo song and several songs together. The winner, who will receive a prize of 4,000 EUR, will be selected from all the contestants by an expert jury.

The gala night will be hosted by Jan Čenský and Patricie Kaňok Fuxová. Jan Čenský has several years of experience with the competition, “I started working with Richard Liegert and his son Jakub about five years ago when Sanremo Junior CZ/SK started. I was already excited because there were kids from 6 to 15 years old competing and performing in front of a sold-out auditorium with a huge symphony orchestra behind them… I wouldn’t even make it to the stage! I admire them so much for that. Of course, there are many hours of work and dedication behind it. In addition to vocal training, the children learn how to perform, and Lenka Bernardes and I helped here a little. It’s just a great idea and I’m glad that Sanremo Junior CZ/SK has turned into Bon Art Junior Fest and young talents can show what they have and maybe it will help them to reach their dreams.”

Bon Art Junior Fest is organized by Moonlight Production, which in 2016-2021 held the license to organize the well-known international competition for young singers Sanremo Junior for the Czech and Slovak Republics. In 2022, Moonlight Production founded Bon Art Junior Fest, opening the way to success for other singing talents.

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