About the inscenation

They are back! After two years living in the jungle on the beaches of Costa Rica, Deva and Miten return to live performances.

With fresh inspiration and a collection of new and old classics including Gayatri Mantra, Moola Mantra, So Much Magnificence, Rain of Blessings, Tara Mangalartha Mantra…and many more from their recent best-selling album TIMELESS, Grammy nominee Deva Premal & Miten are back on the road.

Deva and Miten, along with their Temple Band, will bring an evening full of magnificent music, loving hearts, open voices and the utmost immersion into mantra and meditation.

Accompanied by their great Temple Band and including a longtime collaborator Joby Baker, Deva and Miten will share new music from their jungle home. There will sound Gayatri Mantra and many other timeless classics from their 30-year repertoire.

Miten: „Come and welcome! It is necessary to stay in touch in these dark times. It is our birth right to get together and sing our mantras.
Now, we can light the fire we have been taking care about during the last two years”

Deva: „Come and sing. There is nothing like the sound of human voices raised in ecstasy. It’s time to heal our troubled hearts. For Miten and me, this is our life blood and it was a longing for the human touch.” The human connection that brought us back on the road.
It is a reunion of tribes – a reunion of Soulmates!”

A rain of blessing falls – kissing the earth and this holy ground where we stand in peace to sing the holy name.

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