About the inscenation

14.12.2024 – OLOMOUC, Výstaviště Flora
15.12.2024 – OSTRAVA, Gong
16.12.2024 – ZLÍN, Congress Centre
18.12.2024 – PLZEN, Synagogue (without Philharmonic)
19.12.2024 – PRAGUE, Hybernia

The magic of Christmas is already gone and many are looking forward to spring. TARJA TURUNEN, however, does not let the power of the Christmas concerts, which she managed to sell out before Christmas in our country again, expire and has thrown herself into the preparations for this year’s Christmas concerts to enrich, make special and decorate this year’s Advent to come!

TARJA has a huge fan base here, and not just in the metal ranks. Her annual Christmas concerts are attended by people of all ages who love her musical talent, trained voice and always perfect, masterfully performed Christmas songs from all over the world, whether with a small accompaniment or a large symphony orchestra.

This year’s Christmas concerts, entitled “Dark Christmas” (after her latest Christmas album of the same name), will be performed in 5 cities! OLOMOUC, OSTRAVA, ZLÍN, PLZEN and PRAGUE. In 4 cities TARJA will be accompanied by the Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonic Orchestra from Zlín, in OLOMOUC, OSTRAVA, ZLÍN and PRAGUE. In the Plzeň Synagogue the size of the stage does not allow the participation of a large philharmonic, so this concert will be performed in a more intimate way, without the philharmonic.

Once again, you are in for a slightly spooky, but nevertheless wonderful winter musical experience! Advent may still be a long way off, but you can start looking forward to it now!

Pre-sale at TicketPortal.cz and Pragokoncert.cz