About the inscenation

One of the most successful European revival bands – performing since 1992 not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Holland, Poland, France, Hungary, Slovakia and even in the birthplace of the legendary foursome – the North of England – Liverpool! You can look forward to the greatest hits of the “Beetles” almost in the original version.

The Beatles Revival concert from Kladno is a true and perfect copy of the legendary Beatles concert. As a proof, the band was invited to the birthplace of the Beatles – Liverpool, England, and there they played three shows at the legendary Cavern Club and performed an hour-long interview and live concert on the On The Beat show on Liverpool BBC Merseyside Radio, which no non-English band has ever managed to do. Or the fact that after the show at the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool, long-time Beatles secretary Alistair Taylor even came to thank the band, saying that the band’s performance was absolutely perfect and at times he couldn’t believe that the real Beatles weren’t on stage, despite having spent five long years on the road with them. One of the proofs of this was the huge success of the Estrel Beatles Festival in Berlin, where the band’s performance impressed the Beatles’ first manager Alan Williams so much that he invited the band to collaborate on the John Lennon Memorial Project. Last but not least, a measure of their success is the countless TV appearances, for example on TV Nova, CT1, Hungarian MTV, Polish TVP1, Slovak TV Markiza, German MDF1 and other TV stations across Europe.

Original instruments and stage equipment
– Solo guitar Rickenbacker 360 Fireglow, VOX AC30
– Rickenbacker 350 Liverpool rhythm guitar, VOX AC30
– Höfner Violin Bass, VOX AC100 + VOX T100
– Ludwig Drums – Fab 4 Set, Black Oyster Finish

– Copy of black suits used in 1962-64 + Beatle Chelsea Cavern Boots
– Copy of the grey suits with black lapels used in 1963-65 + Beatle Chelsea Cavern Boots
– Copy of Shea Stadium Jackets from 1965-66 + Beatle Chelsea Cavern Boots
– Copy of uniforms from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album