About the inscenation

You surely remember HAMLET, the amazing performance of our Slovak colleagues directed by Pavel Khek.

Right now, you have a special opportunity to see the great Slovak actors again in the production by the SLOVAK CHAMBER THEATRE MARTIN directed by Jiri Havelka!

Karol Duchoň was a famous Slovak singer with a rapid but symptomatic life story, which can be seen to a large extent as a metaphor for our life during the normalisation. An “ordinary” boy with a brilliant voice and only one desire – to sing – gets caught between two dilemmas. One is fame, which he craves and which comes quickly and is almost uncontrollable, and the other one is the socialist power, which subdues the man until it finally consumes him without end. The protagonist is carried along by his fate rather than having it firmly in his hands. The company has embraced director Havelka’s poetics with ease, and is comfortable with his playful style, which balances on the edge of irony and consistent play.

In today’s flood of “ghost stories” that revive the work of the exposed singer of socialist pop music without any rethinking or placing in a contemporary context, there is only one production that does the opposite and uses an objective point of view. However, you will not be missing out on his hits in this production!

Length of the performance
2 hours 0 minutes
Without pause


Creatives and Cast


Tomáš Grega
František Výrostko
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Eva Gašparová
Elena, Zdena
Barbora Palčíková
Eva, Eva, Alena
Alena Pajtinková
Teacher, Journalist
Tomáš Mischura
Milan, Laco, Jaro
Marek Geišberg
Paľo, Vlado, Emil
Daniel Žulčák
Dušan, Director, Juraj
Róbert Mankovecký
Ivo, Comrade
Marián Frkáň


Róbert Mankovecký, Jiří Havelka
Ján Ševčík
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Róbert Mankovecký
Set Design
Lucia Škandíková
Tereza Kopecká
Róbert Mankovecký
Jiří Havelka